Mentoring can form the basis of a life-long professional relationship for both the Mentee and Mentor.  Mentoring provides a forum for the development of a professional relationship where matters relating to career development can be discussed within an organised and supportive framework.

Mentors can provide support, information and advice, and share professional and personal skills and experiences.

Matching Mentors and Mentees based on professional background, personality, learning and communication styles, ensures that the relationship will be beneficial to both parties and aim to meet their needs.

All program participants, Mentors and Mentees, are representatives of Property Council of Australia member organisations.

Mentors should ideally have at least 5 years industry based experience.  They should have excellent communication skills, a desire to contribute to the future of the property industry and the time to commit to at least one 1 hour meeting per month for the duration of the 1 year program.

Mentors should:

  • Be a role model;
  • Have a track record for integrity;
  • Have managed others;
  • Have the ability to motivate and encourage others;
  • Be successful with a clear philosophy of developing others;
  • Have a deep understanding of the broader property industry and the philosophies of good business practices; and
  • Approachable with good interpersonal skills.

Participation as a Mentor can bring a range of benefits, including:

  • Contribution to the development of the future of the property industry;
  • Expand networks and communication;
  • Improved communication skills;
  • Satisfaction from sharing knowledge and watching someone develop;
  • Transfer of skills and knowledge;
  • Reflection on current projects and professional practices;
  • Opportunity to review one’s career progress, goals, achievements and skills;
  • Professional and peer recognition through Mentor role; and
  • Increased job satisfaction and renewed interest in and enthusiasm for the property industry.

2016 Mentors

Andrew Lett, CBRE

Ben Evans, SEMF

Cameron Gregson, ISPT

Carolyn Marriott, ISPT

Chris Noble, Toll Group

Chris Robinson, Rider Levett Bucknall

Claire Henderson, GPT Group

Darren Whitelegg, Honos Property Group

David Martin, The Buchan Group

Finola Reid, Arup

Fiona Dunster, FIDUN

Glenn Lampard, Urbis

Grant Holman, Wood & Grieve Engineers

Hugh O’Brien, KPMG

Ingrid Bakker, HASSELL

Jabin Henderson, Places Victoria

Jason Wilcox, Buildcorp Interiors

Jim Serafim, Bank of Melbourne

Ken Loh, Umow Lai

Leon Lachal, Montlaur Property Group

Luke Dobbyn, Bank of Melbourne

Mark Bray, Aquenta Consulting

Mark Sheldon, Aurecon

Mike Stasiuk, VicTrack

Nathan Theos, Probuild

Nick Anagnostou, Folkestone

Paul Le Sueur, CBRE

Peter Sagar, Ferrier Hodgson

Peter Southwell, Places Victoria

Phil Gardiner, Irwinconsult

Roger Strong, TSA Management

Rogier Roelvink, Turner Townsend

Russell Symons, Ratio Consultants

Sarah Slattery, Slattery

Sarkis Yelandjian, Taylors

Sean Hogan, ISPT

Shannon Stewart, Frasers Property Australia

Stephen Cheney, dwp Suters

Steve Luby, Vicinity Centres

Valerie Mack, Group GSA

Vicki Sharp, Thomson Geer Lawyers